I started taking photographs for the school newspaper ( a Polaroid) and then moved up to the yearbook staff as a sports and activities photographer. I had the good fortune to be mentored by the local professional photographer who kept me supplied with film. It was all black & white in those days. I never lost my passion for taking that “perfect” shot, but I just didn’t have time to do it as life required I participate in more important things, like raising a family and working in a profession that required a considerable amount of travel.

The first digital cameras allowed me to take another look at a piece of my life that I had left behind. Wow, instant pictures and no limit to the amount or the number you could take. I found that I could use my skills in conjunction with some of my volunteer activities and most recently photographing my son and his teammates at various sporting events. I was hooked. I just wish I could be at multiple spots on the athletic field at the same time. Drones maybe? Multiple drones?

As my son became a teenager and showed promise for having a photographer’s ‘eye’ we took on some sporting events such as our town’s Freedom Festival 5K and the YMCA Wishbone 5K held every Thanksgiving morning. This necessitated the need for a webpage so that those that wanted to locate their photo could find it and we could proudly display our work. If nothing else, it was something that a father and son could enjoy and do together.

I personally look forward to serving the parents and student athletes of Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School this year by volunteering to help take photos at the cross country and track and field meets. As in the past, not only do we provide these photos to our student athletes and their families but have offered them to many of the schools in the Indianapolis metropolitan area that Brebeuf competes against. And why not, it may be the only photo some student athletes at some schools ever get. Doing that is reward enough for us.