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BARBARA MATTA(non-registered)
Thanks Joe for all the time you give to take the photos and then post so we can see! You do a fabulous job!!!
Lou Ann McKinley(non-registered)
Beautiful pictures, Joe. Our youngest son enjoys photography and has some of his photos in doctors offices in Tipton. He's made me appreciate what goes into capturing the perfect picture. Sometimes this getting older is not so bad. We can do what we want to do now!
Mary E DeLaat(non-registered)
Joe did an exceptional job working with my large family, which includes 6 daughters, 5 son-in-laws and 10 grandchildren. On the day we scheduled the photos he was timely, patient with us, courteous, humorous and coaxed the best from everyone. He took a lot of photos of the individual families and then of the large family group together as well as a group grandchildren photo. One of my daughter's wanted 3 year old pictures for her son. He accommodated that request easily and gave her special shots of the 3 year spot lighted in pictures that captured his mischievious essence in a very cute and attractive way. He captured action shots of the grandchildren together. And for the coup de grace he created a video of the making of the family pictures. We thank him for a superb job!
Valerie Hardeman(non-registered)
Exceptional photos. Much gratitude for capturing in full vigor such precious moments in time.
Nancy Sanford(non-registered)
Hello Instructor Kemper, I saw your link on the page with your personal interests and wanted to see your photos. They are all very good photos. The really show action and expression. Thank you for sharing this with our class here at Ashford University.
I cannot tell you how much you have helped me in this class, so many ways. I do not think you gave too much information, although maybe for some it is, not me. I can use all the information I can get! Being a slow learner has been trying, but I keep going. I will never give up. Thank you so much for your assistance and guidance. Keep taking pictures!
Shannon Roudebush(non-registered)
Great site, beautiful photos, fabulous idea! I wish you much success with this venture.
TJ Walsh(non-registered)
Wandered about your new web home Joe and very much enjoyed the photos. As participants in these events, everyone should be in your debt. Hope your venture is so successful and you have to turn to concert photography!! I need some good shots!!!! Take care.
Billie Chisman(non-registered)
I think this is a great site and a great idea. It is easy to navigate and parents should love the idea. I know I do! Good luck guys!
Peg Shingleton-Hamas(non-registered)
Very nice! The OK city pix were very nice! I never saw the memorial ! Great job capturing kids! Site easy to navigate! Fun ! HOOAH !
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